The farmers, small businesses and families buying individual insurance policies on the exchange are facing significant premium increases coming from insurance companies.
Gov. Dayton and legislative leaders knew this was coming and they all agreed last summer that premium relief for these folks was necessary.
Now, we start the legislative session and we’re seeing political gamesmanship getting in the way. Democrats and Gov. Dayton want to provide the 125,000 Minnesotans a simple 25 percent rate reduction. It’s important that it’s done now so people know what policy they want by the Jan. 31 deadline.
Unfortunately, Minnesota House and Senate Republicans have taken this idea and loaded up all sorts of political wish-list items, including allowing for-profit insurance companies to enter Minnesota. All of the sweeping policy changes they are pushing for would delay any relief for these hardworking people until 2018.
It’s unacceptable to not act now. It’s fine if we’re going to have our policy discussion about insurance but let’s not let that fight delay relief for the people that really need it now. So, please contact your local legislator now!
        Jim Connelly
        St. Thomas