At this point, the Presidential election of 2016 is Donald Trump’s to lose.
Yes, The Donald is an arrogant, bombastic, narcissistic Bully: but that’s exactly what’s needed to undo the decades of subtle damage America has endured.
I say this to the Tim Pawlentys, Norm Colemans, Boschwitzs, Durenburgers and Al Quies: Who is responsible for the Trump Phenomenon? YOU ARE.
You are, for selling U.S. out with GATT, WTO and NAFTA trade deals, which sold out the U.S. to Multi-National Corporations! You are for failing to secure our borders, allowing illegal Aliens to undercut our wages. You are for allowing Moslems into this Christian country.
Whatever gods, goddesses, spooks or demons you worship, if you love America, Pray for Donald Trump.
As Calvin Coolidge said: “The business of America is business.”
Donald means business.
Gene Thomas Kornder
Belle Plaine