I’m writing this letter to reach out to my neighbors in the homes and farms surrounding Belle Plaine.  
On March 9, I had the opportunity to attend the Governor’s State of the State address where the Governor, through detailing my story, gave voice to my concerns regarding the poor internet service available to those of us who depend on rural broadband in the Belle Plaine area.
I’m blessed to be able to work from home for a wonderful company in Maryland. But my work is hindered by the speeds that are delivered to me through slow and outdated DSL service. I have explored all other options available. Satellite service provides faster speeds, but is interrupted by weather, runs with a delay, and usage is capped.Similar concerns prohibit use of cellular data. Therefore, we’re stuck with DSL service which provides speed roughly twice that of dial-up service from the mid 1990’s.
I’m asking that you stand up with me and request improvement in our infrastructure through improved rural broadband service. The Governor’s 2016 budget proposal includes funds to expand rural broadband. I understand that politics are often contentious and budgets even more so.
I’m not writing to endorse any political group. I’m writing to give voice to this frustration that I’m sure many of you experience and ask you to reach out to your state representatives with a letter and ask them to prioritize this issue and include rural Belle Plaine in these improvements.
Republican or Democrat, they are our representatives. They work for us. So please reach out to them and let them know your frustration. Maybe together, we can bring our internet infrastructure into the 21st century.
Rebecca Willaert   
Belle Plaine, MN