I want to take a minute and urge all member owners of the Minnesota Valley Cooperative who live in District 3 to re elect Jim Connelly. I served on the MVEC Board for 30 years, retiring 3 years ago. Of all the candidates running for the district 3 seat, Jim is the most knowledgeable and most qualified candidate. In addition to his tenure on the board, his private life occupation has been related to the utility industry, so he knows the business. He knows his way around the operation. He listens to his constituents and brings their concerns to the board table or to the appropriate department. Many times have I witnessed Jim sharing a member concern or question, and seeking an answer.
Jim was a major player in the recent purchase of the former Alliant Energy service territory, and the acquisition of all the electric customers in Le Center, Montgomery, and the surrounding rural areas. He grew up not far from those towns and farms and knows the neighborhood and the new Co-op members well. He is the best representative for these new MVEC Member Owners during this transition.
Jim has been involved in many of the major decisions at MVEC. His input was always valuable and well thought out, and contributed to the success of our cooperative. We are one of the few cooperatives in the nation who has the privilege of buying our electricity from two sources: Great River Energy and Basin Electric Cooperative. This agreement has saved us, the members, MILLIONS of dollars in reduced rates. This Basin/GRE deal is one of the major decisions ever made by the MVEC Board, and I’m confident that Jim has the knowledge and expertise to continue to help the MVEC Board make proper decisions regarding this deal.
There are countless other issues in the electric cooperative world, and I can assure you that Jim will continue to be a strong, and positive advocate for the members of Minnesota Valley Electric Cooperative, and I urge you to re elect Jim Connelly.
Tom Graham
Former MVEC
Board Member
Henderson, Minnesota