I’m writing out of frustration with Blakeley Townships’ seemingly lack of action.
It’s been 2 years, 3 meetings and one letter requesting them to at least consider research I presented from the U.S. Forest Service, MN/DOT and Wisconsin DOT about dust control on their gravel roads.
The reports conclude that spraying with environmentally safe salts glue the fines together saving crop yields, gravel replacement, grading and other bad things about dust. U.S.F.S. found one vehicle/day/mile loses a ton of grave per year.
The kicker is that the government reports suggest the once or twice annual spraying may save tax payers money as well as providing better surfaces and less dust.
Blakeley’s response to at least consider this or comparing costs of grading and gravel hasn’t come. How long does it take?
Some municipalities spray their roads but Blakeley makes people pay extra for the service.
I hope they will seriously compare practices to serve their residents instead of just dismiss as usual.
Warren Vogt
Belle Plaine