Two years ago I went to Santiago, Chile to work at the Vision for Children House of Hope. One of my biggest concerns was needing medical or dental care during that missions trip almost 6000 miles from home. I was able to get a last minute appointment at Strait Smiles for a quick dental exam before flying to South America.
Last week three of the Chilean girls that live at that House of Hope were in Belle Plaine sharing their story with people from River Rock Church and one of the girls was overwhelmed with tooth pain. I called Strait Smiles and told them about this girl who is from one of the poorest cities in Chile and they rearranged their schedule to see her right away. When they realized she needed more help than they could offer that day both Doctors Strait (husband and wife) came in first thing the next morning on their day off to help the girl with a root canal free of charge.
River Rock Church and both want to let the people of Belle Plaine know about this great act of kindness by Strait Smiles Dentistry by the way they cared for this Chilean girl.
– Pastor Chris Teien,
River Rock Church