by Sen. Kevin Dahle
As Minnesota enjoys a 15-year unemployment low, a number one ranking for job creation, and a structural budget surplus, we can say definitively that the state of our state is strong. Gov. Dayton’s State of the State address outlined some of the great Minnesotan successes of the last four years, and I share his optimism for our future.
Of course, the governor is also correct when he says, ‘if we stop working together, we stop making progress.’ We have made progress, but we cannot be complacent. Economic success must be shared across geographic regions, industries and racial divisions. Our success in recent years has been inequitable.
Gov. Dayton and I share the priority of maintaining our world-class education system. Minnesotans know that our public schools are the foundation of a strong society and a strong economy for everyone, not just for those most fortunate. Now is the time to build on our progress in early learning, teacher training programs and the long, hard work of digging our families and neighbors out from the burden of student debt.
I’m proud to have been part of a leading team of bipartisan, education-oriented senators, and I look forward to the possibilities of this year as we work to create more possibilities for Minnesota students.
For additional comments from Sen. Dahle on other priorities outlined in the Governor’s State of the State address, including clean water, Minnesota’s aging infrastructure and tax cuts for the middle class, contact Bryan Wells at 651-296 5561 or