A Minneapolis woman whose brief stint living in Belle Plaine ended earlier this year faces a felony drug possession charge after she was recently arrested for multiple violations of a restraining order.
Jerusalem R. Bedecha is charged with fifth-degree drug possession. She was in Scott County District Court for a bail hearing Thursday (March 2). Bedecha was released on her own recognizance. She was ordered not to use drugs and is subject to random testing. Her next court appearance is Monday (March 13).
Columbia Heights Police arrested Bedecha, 36, Feb. 28, the day after she allegedly committed three violations of a restraining order filed by her former landlord on South Chestnut Street in Belle Plaine. She lived here for a brief stint that ended earlier this year, said Belle Plaine Police Chief Tom Stolee.
Once in Belle Plaine police custody, officers searched Bedecha’s property. They found, according to the criminal complaint, numerous pills in various containers. The pills included 15 amphetamine and dextroamphetamine pills, both considered controlled substances. Bedecha admitted the pills were hers. She said she had a prescription for them but could not produce it, the criminal complaint states.
None of the pills were in a bottle with a corresponding label. The criminal complaint says Bedecha told the police she “hoped they would die.”