A Belle Plaine area man was recently sentenced to four months in the county jail and probation following a guilty plea to two counts of indecent exposure/lewd behavior in the presence of a child under age 16.
Joseph John Gill of St. Thomas in Le Sueur County’s Derrynane Township, was recently sentenced after pleading guilty in December to two counts of indecent exposure/lewd behavior in the presence of a child under age 16. Four counts of indecent exposure in the presence of a child and five counts of concealing his identity were all dismissed.
Along with jail time, Scott County District Court Judge Michael Fahey sentenced the 48-year-old Gill March 6 to two years of probation that includes an array of conditions. Fahey also ordered Gill pay $285 in fines and fees for the gross-misdemeanor offense.
During his probation, Gill may not have unsupervised contact with a child without approval of a probation agent. If a supervised visit is permitted, Fahey’s order says Gill’s probation officer or therapist must approve the supervising agent. He must attend a sex offender treatment programs and may not possess any pornography. Gill is subject to random searches to ensure compliance.
He may not access the Internet without approval of his probation agent and may not access social networking sites without approval. He must submit to polygraph examinations as directed. Gill is prohibited from using alcohol or controlled substances during his probation. Fahey’s order also subjects him to random testing.
According to the criminal complaint, Gill was seen exposing himself to groups of girls from inside a white Dodge Caravan minivan as he drove around Belle Plaine, New Prague and Jordan in last spring and summer. During the incidents, the criminal complaints said Gill covered his face with sunglasses and a mask as he exposed himself to them. He also wore a hat with hair attached to it to conceal his identity.
Police found the masks and a hat with hair attached to it during execution of a search warrant at his house.
The criminal complaint states Gill admitted to investigators he drives around for over an hour looking for “young, I mean, attractive” women to expose himself to. He told investigators, according to the criminal complaint, he feels he does not have a problem and can stop at any time.
Gill has four previous convictions for indecent exposure dating back to 2008 in Rice and Nicollet counties.