A New Prague man was sentenced to three years of probation and jail time after pleading guilty to felony-level domestic assault in Belle Plaine.
Dantrell Eliza Harris was sentenced to three years of probation March 7. Scott County District Court Judge Caroline Lennon also sentenced him to 90 days in jail. Harris pleaded guilty to the felony domestic assault charge in Scott County District Court March 7. A second more serious felony charge, third-degree assault, was dismissed.
The terms of Harris’ probation include no contact with the victim, providing a probation officer a DNA sample, no repeat offense and remaining law abiding. Harris must also inform his probation officer if he has contact with law enforcement or is charged with an additional crime. He must cooperate with a search of his residence, vehicle, or workplace as directed by his probation officer. He must not possess any firearms, ammunition or explosives.
Neighbors of the woman on the 100 block of North Meridian Street who heard the altercation called police Feb. 5 at 12:44 a.m. They found the woman had suffered a fractured toe and bite marks on her left hand from Harris, according to the criminal complaint.
Harris, 20, claimed it was his girlfriend who accelerated the argument. She claimed he started the argument and that he had a history of assaulting her when she was pregnant with the child the two share.
The charges against Harris were more severe because he was convicted of misdemeanor domestic assault and violated a court-issued no-contact order in Scott County District Court Dec. 7, 2016. Harris served 20 days in the county jail for the offenses.