After hearing from land owners that the 100-foot setback made property atop bluffs unbuildable, the Sibley County Planning Commission is recommending the county switch back to a 50-foot setback.
The commission is recommending the Sibley County Board approve the revised setback. If the board approves the proposed change, the new rule would likely go into effect April 1, the Gaylord Hub recently reported.
Sibley County enacted the 100-foot setback to protect homeowners from property damage in the event of a washout, like those that occurred following storms in 2014. The county has heard complaint from people who want to build atop the bluffs, particularly on the eastern side of Sibley County.
Jeff Majeski, the county’s director of Environmental Services, said staff would inspect the proposed building site, as had been done previously. Jim Bauman, Faxon Township’s building official, had mixed feelings on the proposed change. The county shouldn’t restrict people from using their land but it should also protect them from losing money in the event of a bluff washout, he said.