At the same time the Shakopee School District is reviewing how an unanticipated $4.5 million budget deficit came to be, the school board responsible for district oversight is now looking into the overall organizational health of the district.
The Shakopee School Board recently hired a St. Paul firm, NeuVest, to meet with district employees to determine the “overall organizational health” of the school district, said Director Scott Swanson, the school board’s chairman. Swanson read the statement written by the district’s law firm, the Shakopee Valley News recently reported.
The district is working to overcome the errors in a budget endorsed by district management and passed on to the school board for approval. So far, it has covered $3.3 million of the $4.5 million shortfall in the 2016-17 budget.
NeuVest is said to conduct neutral workplace investigations. It will charge the district and its taxpayers $275 per hour, though Swanson admitted he didn’t know how many hours the inquiry would require.
Swanson said the investigation would make the Shakopee School District better. A district spokesperson said the board is staying out of the investigation, a sign it will be neutral and unbiased.