Easter Sunday that year was all that anyone could wish. It was a beautiful spring day.
At the meeting of the school board, G.L. Laumann of Bingham Lake was chosen as school superintendent for the ensuing year at a salary of $2,000. He succeeded F.B. Czia, who had been superintendent two terms.
Dennis Griffin, 66, former resident of St. Thomas, died at his home in Miles City, Mont., and his remains were brought back to St. Thomas for burial.
J.J. Rendle and O.F. Haering accepted the task of seeing how much could be collected to put a baseball team on the field that season, and got contributions of about $500.
At the Nativity Church, St. Paul, took place the marriage of Edith Fabian of that city and Thomas E. Walsh, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. James Walsh, formerly of St. John’s.
With the completion that week of a 75-foot warehouse to the rear of the Totushek Hardware Store, the store now covered the entire lot.
The former Susan Kartes, who was born and reared in Belle Plaine, died in a convent in Colorado Springs, Colo., having joined the Franciscan sisterhood.
Anthony Cauley sold his house on South Meridian Street to William Kessler for $2,300.
William Diers, Blakeley, found a one-cent coin bearing a date of 1843. The copper piece was as large as a silver half-dollar.
Work horses had a value in those days. P.J. O’Tool of Green Isle sold a team in the Belle Plaine market for $500.
Mrs. Joseph Koran, who was born at Assumption in 1874, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Miles, died at the her home in St. Paul.
Herman Yahnke and George Buesgens wound up a season’s work as woodsmen. On a timber tract in Henderson Township, they cut 44 cords of cordwood , 25 cords of polewood and 300 saw logs.
John Nord, an aged resident of East Union, died at age 83. The funeral was held from the East Union church.