The river was bankful and there was prospect of a general overflow.
John Truax of Langdon, N.D., was back for a visit with his boyhood friends. A member of a pioneer family of the area, he had left this locality in 1882.
Miss Florence Irvin was named a member of the Scott County Child Welfare Board.
Fred Harms of near Bongards bought the George Bongards farm of 80 acres for $120 an acre.
Spring came in with a rush. Temperatures hit 70, a thunderstorm brought much lightning, a flood of rain and mid-afternoon darkness.
Dennis Regan and daughter Elizabeth arrived at their St. Thomas home after spending the winter in Ireland. Although many years had lapsed since Mr. Regan had seen his native land, he saw many familiar faces there and recalled boyhood scenes.
Belle Plaine was the end of the bus line for a week. Very bad roads in Le Sueur County made travel beyond here impossible.
Many old friends and neighbors from Jessenland met the train here bringing the remains of Mrs. Louis Buschman, nee Emma Madden, aged 60. The funeral was held from the Jessenland church,
The borough council let contracts in the sum of $11,643 for concrete paving of the business section downtown.
Death took Mrs. Henry Weyl, nee Mary Alvina Tiegs, at age 53. The funeral was held from Zion Church, Le Sueur.
Belle Plaine Township elected Chas. Bowler supervisor, L.A. Taylor clerk, Joe Witt treasurer and W.L. Siemon assessor.
Blakeley Township named John Blaha supervisor, W.M. Sellnow clerk, H.O. Milbrath treasurer and J.A. Anderson assessor.
San Francisco Township elected George Sell supervisor, A.J. Burling clerk, Peter Kleven treasurer and August Olson assessor.
Faxon named John Cauley supervisor, James Keating clerk, George Wherley treasurer and Tom Shaughnessy assessor.