The severe January with its extreme cold and much snow ended on a warmer note – a real thaw.
We had a local telephone company in those years. J.A. Schoell and F.J. Fideldy were the delegates to the state meeting of independent telephone companies.
Tom Collins, who had been making his home in California for several years, died in that state. He was the son of the late Patrick Collins, who had been section foreman at Blakeley for many years.
Gertrude Neubeiser, who was studying music in Milan, Italy, was disappointed that the climate of “Sunny Italy” was damp and cold that winter.
There was another farm fire in the area. The large barn on the William Lemke farm just north of Gotha burned to the ground, and with it several horses and 11 head of young cattle.
Martin Krenz, for 40 years known locally as “Uncle Martin,” died at the age of 80. He was known for his jovial disposition and dapper appearance.
Fatal automobile mishaps were many in those years. Two fatalities occurred in the Shakopee area in one week.
Miss Lorena Rolf left for Cleveland, Ohio, for a lengthy visit at the home of her aunt, Mrs. Melcher.
Mrs. Bridget A. Fearing, widow of the late Dave Fearing, died at the age of 84. A native of Ireland, her family located in Faxon Township in 1857, and in 1860 she married Dave Fearing of Belle Plaine.
Peter Weldon, the highway maintenance man, lost one of his horses when it lunged over the high fill at the Devine hill, pulling the other horse and grader with him.
In Los Angeles occurred the death of the former Mrs. Ellen Murray, nee Hanrahan, who came as a pioneer to Sibley County in the 1850s.