After 28 years of service, County Auditor A.A. Mertz submitted his resignation to the Scott County Board of Commissioners. The board appointed Deputy Auditor Howard A. Huth of Shakopee to succeed Mertz.
There were five filings for borough office. Present officials who entered for another term were Mayor Clarence Mueller, Councilman Matt Gansen and Treasurer Ronald Effertz. Others who filed were Al Stretz for mayor and Emil Ashauer for councilman.
A tremendous bolt of lightning shook buildings all over town and struck the Albert Houska home. The bolt burned the wiring in the house and adjoining shed, ripping siding off the house. Mrs. Houska related that “there was a ball of fire all around the house.”
In point of attendance and general success, the grand opening of the new Hayes furniture store was about the biggest event of its kind that Belle Plaine had seen. The count of the registration slips after the drawing revealed a total of 1,470.
Arthur F. Bateman, disabled veteran of World War I, died at his home here at the age of 70.
The University of Minnesota announced its March commencement. Under the heading of Graduate School, Master of Arts, was the name George W. Kartak of Belle Plaine. Mr. Kartak was our school principal.
Mrs. Elda Petter, widow of the late Mayor Clarence Petter, passed away at the New Prague hospital. She was 45 years old.
Frank J. Wendorff, a resident of Belle Plaine from 1936 to 1953, died at the hospital in St. Peter at the age of 70.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Boelter of Henderson celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary with an open house.
Patrick A. Shaughnessy, a native of the Washington Lake-Assumption area, died at his home in Minneapolis at the age of 88.
After nine successive terms as president of the Belle Plaine Baseball Association, Fred F. Keup declined to accept the position for another year. He was persuaded to accept the position of treasurer of the local board. Besides his local office, Keup, who was known as “Mr. Baseball,” was still president of the Minnesota River League and Regional Baseball Commissioner. Orison Hahn was Keup’s successor on the local board.
The annual St. Patrick’s Day basketball game between the Irish and All-Nations was cancelled due to a snowstorm.
The Belle Plaine Girl Scout troop celebrated the 45th anniversary of the founding of the organization at the borough hall.