The inauguration of the Highway Post Office service was carried out here with considerable display. The big mail bus carried its staff of clerks and was followed by a string of autos from the Twin Cities carrying various postal officials. The bus and caravan made a stop of a half-hour in front of the Belle Plaine Post Office.
Mrs. Florence B. Young, native of Belle Plaine, died at her home in Minneapolis at the age of 51.
Many relatives and friends helped Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Mueller celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.
Mary, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ince, became the bride of Patrick J. Lies, son of Mr. and Mrs. M.P. Lies of Milwaukee, Wis.
The country-wide brucellosis test revealed that Scott County did not qualify as a modified accredited brucellosis-free county. The test results showed 74 infected herds and 180 reactor cattle.
For the first time in more years than many cared to remember, Belle Plaine High School’s cage team found its way into third place in the district standings. New Prague and Montgomery tied for first place with 8-1 records, with Belle Plaine in third place supporting a 6-3 showing.
The residence property of the Karl Fromm estate was bought by Merwyn Roufs, who took immediate occupancy.
Fred Bach of near Green Isle suffered two fractured ribs but luckily escaped more serious injury when his car rolled down an 80-foot embankment near Blakeley.
Emil Gerdes, who sold his farm near Green Isle, bought the Walter Gatz, former Clyde Bristol house, across the street from the creamery.
The Baier farm home between Belle Plaine and Jordan, destroyed in a night blaze, was being rebuilt on the site of the burned structure. The site was originally that of the log cabin that was brought into Jordan years ago as a memorial to its pioneer settlers.
Mrs. W.J. Gatz of Belle Plaine was named chairman of the 1957 Scott County Easter Seal Committee.
In a homemaker cake contest held in Chaska, most of the entries and prize winners were from the Belle Plaine area. Runners-up were Mrs. Paul Sons and Mrs. Warren Wilson. Others from this locality who entered the contest were Mrs. Erwin Karnitz, Mrs. Gerald O’Connell and Mrs. Ed Corcoran.
Jack Meierbachtol bought from Loren Stier the former St. John’s Lutheran parsonage.
Minnesota River League officers were reelected to another term with Fred Keup of Belle Plaine heading the group as president. L.O. Anthony of St. Peter was renamed vice president and Max Casey of Jordan secretary-treasurer.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Schmidt of Belle Plaine and Mr. and Mrs. Art Kerkow of Arlington returned from a 25-day California trip.