Travel across the river by team resumed after a long suspension due to high water.
The school board let contract for a new public school building to Minneapolis concerns on bids of a little less than $9,000. Equipment bids were to be let later.
The excursion boat “Henrietta” was kept busy filling engagements on the lower river. It passed Belle Plaine to fill an excursion engagement for a Henderson organization.
Henry Beckers and Frank Bihl took contract to build a parsonage for the German Catholic congregation for $848, all the material, hauling and excavating being furnished by the parish.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Regan retired from their farm at St. Thomas to occupy the house they built in Belle Plaine.
The body of Mary Traynor was found in the river by Nick Melchior, Jake Krekelberg and Thomas Castello, who had kept up a continuous search. The body of William Zellman was found by John Verkinnes. Both were victims of an upset ferry boat.
A large two-decked steam launch brought a party of seven prominent St. Paul citizens up the river and they made a night stop here.