The cold spell had passed and there was talk of “the winter being over.”
The Stratton Supply Co. got in an ice plow, the first ever brought here, for use in the ice harvest. A horse pulled the saw over the ice.
Local citizens turned out in large number to consider re-incorporation of Belle Plaine as a city. A committee was named to push the matter through – F.J. Whitlock, F.C. Irwin, Peter Becker, R.A. Stratton and W.H. Weibeler.
Henderson won its courthouse contest with Arlington by a margin of 215 votes.
The following were school teachers in our area: T.J. Bieder, F.J. Bieder, Edward Barrett, S.A. Bowler, Margaret Stratton, Fanny McDevitt, Mrs. Ronayne, Miss Carney and H.B. Conlon.
There were 200 couples at a January dance. The crowd overflowed Weibeler’s hall and the borough hall had to be opened and additional music secured.